Content writing is one of the key techniques to boost business through digital platform. In my experience while we design website, the main tedious phase was story board for particular solution. I involved with product related R&D engineers, sales, marketing and customer support team to know various dimensions of product/solution. Now a day’s world evolves around one term VALUE. I follow different approaches for content which depicts value points of product/solution. Attribute analysis, SWOT analysis, value proposition canvas are few approaches to grab value deliverable content of any product for showcase in website and advertisement.

All these approaches were very well defined and useful. But problem is context switching in web design and development process. After design the story board, UI designer, developer, SEO team, graphic design team are in one single line. But lots of miscommunication, time consuming and poor outcomes takes place some times. I gone through lots of articles and keynotes from Gartner on Content marketing strategies. Finally, with all my experiences I came up with Value Story Canvas which eradicates my above-mentioned problems. This canvas defines step wise process from start to publish perfect value story on website which improves business productivity and reach lots of target users.

value story canvas
My Value Story Canvas

Step 1: Content

In this section we define target audience and value points of product/solution


Define main objective of product /solution.

Target Audience

List your main target audiences.


Define the problem statement/ pain points. Present situation and concerns proposed solution and outcomes.


Why your solution?  Mention Key Differentiates (USPs).


How it works, specifications, features etc.

Step 2: SEO

In this section the SEO team take responsibility to document and forward to developer on page optimization meta data and best keywords.

Step 3: Design

In this section UI Designers draw their wire-frames and create visual mock-ups which depicts final outcome of web page. In this phase you can make reviews and redefine it to optimize time at development.

Step 4: Development

In this section development team working in parallel to choose suitable technologies for website development and required tools setups. Gather related multimedia data from graphic designers which was defined in mock-ups stage. All these initial setup assets development goes faster with defined style guidelines by UI Designers and assets from Graphic designers.

Step 5: Testing

Here we are at final stage to deliver our work to online digital world. In this phase before we publish your pages, we must test it in various aspects like performance, loading time, coding quality, responsive nature, cross browser support. Google lighthouse is my favorite.

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